28 December 2015

Pics this week!

So this week was great! 
     Monday, we had p-day. Nothing fun happens on p-days, I wish we had zone activities. I want to see some island sights. 
     Tuesday we went to Sister Ffrench's house and chopped down a few trees. That's me way up there on the bean pole! Only about 30 or 35 feet up, and it was very sturdy. I'm being safe I promise!!! 
     Wednesday was the Christmas party where everyone got their boxes. We got good Jamrock food and enjoyed a lot of cool conversation. We also got to see the "Dad side" of President Brown, throwing wrapping paper and candy at us all. I had a good time and Love everything that was in my box! I think i posted our Christmas tree in next weeks or the weeks after's blog, but it is a Coconut tree frond standing in a corner of the house! lol! Livin' in Jamaica!
     Thursday was Christmas eve and we tried to go caroling, but it all fell through. Our house went to a photo booth and took a Christmas picture. The "Wal-mart photo" type backgrounds are so terrible here in Jamaica (a laughing stock among missionaries), so we made the ugliest and coolest card we could! I'll hopefully get a scanned copy of it to put on here for all!
     Friday was Christmas. Mission Christmas is nothing like normal Christmas back home and I liked it in a way apart from the fact that I was away from Hailey... My fam too... We got fed a few meals and got to talk to our families. I was so grateful to be able to hear Hailey's voice and see her for a short time. It meant a whole lot to me and was the highlight of my holiday!
     Saturday and the past few days I had been sick, both Elder Porter  and I were going through crazy symptoms like bad bubblegum! He got a rash then I got a fever, he got sick then I couldn't get out of bed! But we pressed on and had a good rest day or two. 
     Sunday We didn't get the sacrament for the sickness :"( and I watched a ton of church videos on CD. I also wrote Hailey a chunk of letters.

21 December 2015

WOW (i.e. Word of Wisdom)

So I've been bad at keeping this blog for a few weeks... But I'm spending time this week and putting down a lot of what has happened. Here we go! *cracks knuckles*

     On Saturday last Elder Porter and I got a baptism! Ashawna is now a confirmed member of The TRUE CHURCH!!! I'm so joyful because she is truly converted. Two other sisters joined our congregation yesterday when they all got confirmed by Elder Stolp (popular guy! :O  ) I'm blown away because they have all been teaching Gospel Principles class for weeks on end! Even before they were members!
     Our house is so much fun! We are always laughing and having fun, making jokes and talking about guy stuff (no, Hails, not like that! :)  ) and being weird! I realized taht I am creeping up on a year mark out here...not cool!!! But I am so ecxited to be Sealed to Hailey soon. It is my dream and she is the one for me. Thank you Hailey for getitng me out on my mission so I could grow so much. Elder martin is the new elder in the house, from Blackfoot, ID, my home STATE!!! He is a solid straight-up potatoe farmer. Yeah! Haha he is so cool. I'm loving the mission and my testimony is growing so much. I am having a great spiritual time even though sometimes I want to go home or I get discouraged and don't want to work. It comes with the work and the thought of what is in store in the future is what keeps me going! (FP & CPB :)  ) We all got gym memberships and are going to be working out every morning at 5 am !!! It is invigorating and I love it so far. Elder Martin is our P.T. and showing us how to bulk up quick! He is so chill. But as the title suggests, living the wow makes a BIG difference in how the work goes. I have the spirit a lot more when I'm feeling more healthy and such. I love this feeling, so I'll keep going.
     So I am super stoked for Christmas and cannot wait to skype my fam, I miss them a bunch. I'll stock up on Kleenex! I'll try to upload pictures, if they show up then it worked:

14 December 2015

not enough time again... :(

this week was slow on the work but Ashawna is on for the 19th of december! super excited!

Ill edit next week hopefully!

07 December 2015

Wow I'm bad at this...blog thing...

     Okay this week did not have a lot of crazy stuff happen. The missionary work is as follows. Ashawna is our main investigator, and she is PREPARED. She is super smart and is college-ing to be an accountant. She is soaking up the gospel and says it all fits together. She has studied a lot about God and this is making sense. we are shooting for the 19th of December for her baptism!Throughout the week, we had 6 lessons, one Recent convert lesson, found 2 potentials, and I got sick again.
     I made Thanksgiving Stuffing flavored fried chicken to make up for the missed holiday and am super excited to get my Christmas package!
     My package home made it safe and sound and my family got some souvenirs made by real Rastas from the real Bush! They loved the Jamaican snack smorgasbord I stuffed in there as well! I'm glad they sent me pictures, and seeing them with the things I had a week ago made me feel a lot closer than I really am. This transfer has flown by and I haven't really gotten used to where everything is in the area, and Elder Porter thinks he is leaving this transfer. I DON'T WANT HIM TO GO!!! We were twins in the Pre-earth life we're sure of it.
     SHOUTOUT TO THE LOVELANDS: Thanks so much for the random butter toffee box, it was soo good! The support I'm getting from you is incredible and I'm grateful for the thoughtfulness. Blessings are flowing your way if not already!

30 November 2015

I'm Dreamin' of a White Christmas

So, it's already December... what? I have been out for seven months now and it doesn't feel like it. I am getting nearer to going home than I want to (except to marry Hails of course! ;)!)

so...I forgot my blog this week, so I'll edit it next week. so sorry everyone, im still figuring out the hour of email time management...

23 November 2015

Tour de Bike Problems

Yes, we had a week full of broken bikes. either one or both of Elder Porter's and my bikes were broken or flat! wooooh! But in spite of this, it was a great week! We had some crazy experiences during finding that manifested God's power and omnipotence.
     First! We were on our way to an appoinment on Wednesday when my tire went flat instantly. Then we met a solid contact named Fabian (fay-bee-en). Right after the contact, i tried filling up my tire joking that God flattened it and that it wouldn't be flat anymore now. WELL THAT"S WHAT HAPPENED! It filled up with no problems at all!
     Second! The same thing happened to my comp. and it was a less solid contact, but God is definitely in our lives and guiding our steps to get us to meet people He needs in the Kingdom.
     The week was full of our bikes breaking down, and an emergency zone conference that dropped email time back down to one hour and solidified page 34 in the white bible(we need male adults in lessons with females). We had to leave a few lessons because of the rule, but are being blessed with more males to teach because of our obedience to the rule. My typing will be quickened I hope so my blog posts aren't smaller, but talking to family takes priority. I have been adding in some pictures after the post, so check back a few weeks or so to see if more pictures were edited in.
     Love you all and have an awesome holiday in the COLD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But really I wouldn't mind the cold right now, it still feels like August

16 November 2015


This week was absolutely insane! Lots of very interesting stuff happened. Let's start with the most important and then move to a random list of happenings.
     Marcia got baptized on Saturday and was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Sunday November 15th, 2015. She will be an amazing member and has a solid testimony. She was found in the area book by Elder Patrick and Elder Porter. She had been taught before, but never got baptized and was lost in the craziness of transfers and such. They picked her back up and she has been waiting for the missionaries to come back for a while.
     Last week Monday I had the opportunity to eat kidney, and man it was cooked very well cause i just thought it was beef until about halfway through someone said "THIS KIDNEY IS SO GOOD!" and I half choked, but kept on eating cause it didn't matter to me, it tasted good! I have gotten over a lot of my food phobias here already. I'll try anything and keep trying it if it's good!
     Throughout the week, we had a lot of bike problems... One of our bikes was always broken and we couldn't/ can't do work in our area without bikes (due to the space we cover...) so we ended up spending three days out of this week working on bicycles on and off. We did get some lessons in but it was rough.
     On Friday we set up chairs for an all-of-a-sudden funeral on Saturday morning. Then on Saturday morning we were at the funeral. Apparently the woman who had passed on was a political figure, because the Prime Minister of Jamaica made an appearance. What was even more cool is that my companion and I were integrated into her bodyguard force and made sure the building was secure! It was cool to be able to say we did. Definitely something not as whole lot of people can say they did. :) After the funeral, we had to run home (broken bikes, remember?) a few miles to get the baptismal clothing and reach back to the church on time for Marcia's baptism that she and her friend showed up to 2 hours early!!! Sunday and today my legs were(are) dying. I haven't run in my new 170 pound body yet, and I don't remember the last time I ran in my old 130 pound body. I wouldn't recommend it! The whole week was LOOOONG and took forever, but there were so many cool things that happened. Lots of things I never expected to do out on a mission.
My house full of crazies. Me, Elder Banton from Linstead, Elder Stolp from South Africa and Elder Porter from Mesa, Arizona.
 My son! I'm such a proud mother!
 Cats on my lap
 Me and cats
 More cats

Elder Porter, Marcia, Me, Shirley (Marcia's friend, taking lessons now), and Bishop Reid

     I know this church is true and I know the blessings of this gospel DO come to those who are obedient and endure. The Book of Mormon is TRUE and it was translated by Joseph Smith, by the gift and power of God. Thomas S. Monson is the true and living prophet today and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only church on the earth with the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ suffered for my sins and He is the only way we can return to live with our Father in Heaven again. Jesus Christ is my Savior. In His name I bear my testimony, amen.

09 November 2015

A Whole New World!

     Okay this one is going to be long! A lot has happened in the last week! I am in heaven now and yeah I miss Ochi, but now I think I have hit the place I am meant to make a huge difference in the church here in Jamaica!
     So This past week, I left Ochi and made it to Boulevard (Kingston). The church building is a two-story building and has the generic Mormon tables, decorations and "won-doors" I oh so missed from my American church buildings! My house is super sick, we are on the second story in a cute likkle neighborhood called Pembrook Hall. My new companion is Elder Porter from Mesa, AZ and my roommates were Elder Stolp from South Africa (he's white) and Elder Peterson from Farmington, Utah. Elder Peterson died though so we got Elder Banton from Linstead, Jamaica. We have a cool house and we laugh a lot. I didn't know how unhealthy it was not to laugh. I hadn't laughed much in Ochi. In the past week, I have laughed more than I have throughout my whole 6 months in the mission! To all readers: Find ways to make yourself and others laugh. Make memories every day and LOG THEM so you can remember them all! This has become important to me, and it will be important for those who come after you, your siblings and your posterity. I want to give them my life story with videos and pictures, not just by word of mouth. I want them to see how dumb I was!
     So some stuff about my new place. Random things. Less mosquitoes in the house, but after dark they are ruthless. I can actually ride my bike everywhere instead of pushing it up the hills and riding it down. The church is huge and member work actually exists here!A four- man house is so much more fun. I don't feel like curling up in a corner and dying anymore because I have people to mess around with. I love it. The people here are so great too! The stores are also going to be better, more Americanized.

Here is a day-by-day:
     Wednesday: I got to transfer meeting way late because it started to rain and then we got a flat tire. Made it in time for the closing hymn and prayer! I got carted around with the Zone Leaders until I made it to my house! I got unpacked and went to see some cool members in the Boulevard ward (eeep! a ward!).
     Thursday: We did service at Sister Hamilton's house and had a blast chopping yard. She fed us this fish and provisions soup with water crackers and such, it was way different than I expected, but it was good. I'm going to take the idea and make some kind of chicken pot pie lasagna thing with it. I am loving the food options here, things I never would have thought of for sure!
     Friday: Super planning and helping Elder Peterson get packed to go home, we had a few appointments too, nothing super special though. Good lessons!
     Saturday: International Day of Service! We donated our hands at a local kindergarten to rebuild their schoolhouse and paint it up and make it look nice! As we pulled off the boarding on one of the walls, a few hundred HUGE Cockroaches literally poured out of the rotten wood! If you're familiar with Weird Al's song "Weasel stomping day", and the Wild Thornberries, we had a smashing time! It was so gross and really messed up. A few people got them in their clothes as the likkle buggers were trying to get away. Remember that scene from "Mummy" with the scarabs? yeah. *shivers* We painted each other and stuff, it was fun! We got pizza afterward and that's always a treat here! Cheese isn't very cheap here. Just dairy in general isn't cheap!
     Sunday: I had an actual ward! Wow it felt like home, and I actually felt like it was an LDS worship service. The sacrament was one of the most powerful meetings since I became worthy again from my apostate days. I felt like I became a new person and really reflected on my whole life. I love this faith because it promises the most blessings, makes the most sense and has the most freedom of all faiths out there (yes I also heard about the pope's "Sunday only proposition").

Some celestial clouds

     I'm grateful to be a part of it and have an incredible opportunity to share it with these wonderful people of Jamaica. I know that what I share is true and there would be no purpose to life without the truths that only our religion has. We have the true meaning of life and our eternal destiny. In the name of our Lord and Savior I testify of these things. Amen.

02 November 2015

Transfer Calls!

This last week was super CRazY...
So I have too much to write and I hope this doesn't just come out as a jumbled mess. I'll do a list for order of importance?

1.I'm leaving Ochi to go to Kingston (Boulevard by Constant Springs) and mother Elder Porter!
2.Ellis is not coming to church anymore and is putting work first...I hope he gets in gear and chooses this...keep praying!
3.Sandy also isn't coming to church...pray please...
4.I have identified my largest downfall: I'm stuck in my own little world and won't trust God to use me as a tool in His hands. I'm telling Him how to use me...
5.Lots of learning this week. I want to change and become better. I need to be more humble and submit my will (the only thing that isn't God's) and give it to him. I need to become a consecrated missionary.
     I'm going to miss Ochi so much. Words can't describe how much I will miss the people and the members! Moving on to a new chapter will be interesting, I feel like it will give me a new light to the work. Note to all: When you walk into a Jamaican craft market, you HAVE to hit every shop they drag you all over the place! So be prepared for that. :)
     I know this work I am doing is true. I know that this Gospel is the fullness as restored by Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith. This is the way to be happy and gain eternal salvation. I know this for myself and no one can make me deny it. Not even to save my life.

26 October 2015

Wait. What just happened...?

Wagwan pon di likkle island of JamRock! Mi Cyaaan belive mi heeya abraad fi so long...A slice a year unu nah link up wid mi. There's some patois for you, have fun trying to say it right! haha. But in all seriousness, this week was an absolute blast. It flew by and Monday feels like so far away! Here is a day by day rundown. Sorry about the lack of pictures, my camera is really making me mad. (Might need a new one for my year mark...But I love this one...18 mp is awesome, but I'll go for a life-proof one next.)

Monday: Today was a holiday. Nobody was out, so we helped Tracey (President Francis's wife) with her wash. I rinsed and Elder Trinnaman hung. It was super fun! I've started to WASH BY HAND when I can.
Tuesday: Because of the holiday, p-day was today. We went to the beach to put our toes in the sand for Elder Trinnaman's birthday. Some guy with a BAD spirit about him was carrying a naked baby under a year old around on the shore, then went into the water. We all got a really bad feeling about it and then, in a nutshell, he started to half drown the baby while telling it to "wake up! wake up! wake up!". We were so shocked and we didn't hesitate to get out of there quickly and will never go back to that beach again. It was a clear clear message to the missionaries.

Wednesday: We had district meeting and such, didn't have any lessons and we had a lot of finding, but didn't find anyone.

Thursday: We taught our first family! They are less active and didn't even come to church... The husband is abroad a lot so it's hard to get them all together.

Friday: We super planned, then after we went up to parry town, we got hit by a tropical storm (a licking arm from the category 6 in Mexico) and walked all the way down in the rain to the church, a 45 minute walk. We were 100% soaked, no dry part on us... :) it was awesome until we realized how wet we were. We hung ourselves out to dry at the church until the storm ended.
Saturday: Service fell through at the church we are building. Michelle is a new investigator we taught and she is just looking for the right church. She's very nice and has basic basic knowledge of church/god/religion. OH! We basically got locked out of our house. We ended up staying the night at the church. It was the worst night of "sleep" I have ever gotten. Laying on the concrete ground in a warm building all night is NO fun. we tried not to offend anybody with our odour during church and made it up asap to get into our house. We had to hacksaw the lock off after church on Sunday.

So yes, this is one of the funniest and weirdest weeks so far. I'd say its the most memorable one. I have been learning a lot about my divine nature in my personal scripture study and hope that I can be the best I can be every day. I don't want to regret any day on my mission! Want to make it the fullest! I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and His Grace is Sufficient to help me and protect me and carry me and forgive me. If you have not listened to "His Grace is Sufficient"  by Brad Wilcox (speeches.byu.edu) I invite you to do so right now. I get it now. :)

12 October 2015

T-minus 21 days to lift off?

Halfway through the transfer already? I don't understand time here. I'm almost 1/4 of the way through!!!

     For all of you who said this wasn't a mission, but a vacation, I have this to say: NOT a vacation. Haha this is the hardest thing I have ever done and aside form the aspects of missionary work, top onto it a new culture, people, climate, diet, etc. It was a vacation for maybe a month, then I think it hit me a lot more what the broader spectrum of this work was. Then I got usd to the "vacation aspects" of the island. Now I'm here on my mission and it is one of the hardest things ever. I wish you could all be here to see what it is really like.

     I want everyone to know that I am stronger than ever before and my testimony is at the point of where it will never fall or crumble if I keep it nourished for the  rest of my life. It's not done growing but it's solid. Kinda like a sugar crystal lollipop. It is solid but layers are always forming.

     Ellis is doing great, he has taken almost all of the lessons, accepts them well, knows this is the true church, but hasn't made it on time to sacrament meeting. Looks like he will be ready to be baptized by the beginning or middle of November after I  transfer out of Ochi. Darn. But the notch will still be on my belt in my mind, we helped him a lot he has told us. I don't have to be the baptizer as long as I helped him get to that point. Here is his business up Breadnut hill (the likkle house pon di side di road dem). It's a killer hill! I'm by a random JamRock Advert for a Sodom and Gomorrah party!

05 October 2015

Rain keeps falling on my head, it keeps falling...

So this week! General conference, Ellis, Elder Ridler, giant cockroaches, angry branch presidents and much much more!

     This week we found out that Ellis finally got a phone so it's now easier to get a hold of him! He's doing well, he won't tell us many details about word of wisdom so were going to do more questions to gauge his obedience to it. He will now be able to  read the Book of Mormon since we got him the 8x11 copy, the huge one! I'm excited to see him make covenants with God around this month, probably toward the end.
     General Conference was awesome! Halfway through Saturday afternoon, the computer we were using exploded and it sounded terrible when that happened... But basically we set up Brother Jones's laptop and streamed it from there for the rest of conference. It was strengthening and I loved every talk. I sustain the three new apostles and I hope all of you do as well. I know they are called of God!!!
     The senior couple, the Ridlers are from England. They are the nicest people ever. They went to inspect our apartment and gave us a ride into town then took us to go eat in an actual RESTAURANT not just a wooden roadside cook-shop! He went to Korea on his mission as a young man and now they are in Jamaica together. They are so great.
     The cockroaches just get bigger and bigger... *shivers violently* I killed one that was at least two inch long by one and a half inches wide by one inch tall...yeah it sounded like a firecracker when it got stepped on and the thing was fast too!!! Mi nah like deya no much. chue! I have yet to wake up snuggling one, though and for this I am grateful!!
     So the branch president and I got into a disagreement and I am having total deja vu as I type this. I dreamed this would happen... anyway! We got in a likkle quarrel and he hurt my feelings as I was just trying to help and fulfill my calling as a branch clerk. I want to do things right.
     The work in Ochi is super slow. Nobody holds appointments and those who do don't progress. I'm holding on to my Faith that there are people waiting to hear my message but Ether 12:5 is my position right now. Nobody is listening to the amazing things I have to say about this gospel. I'm continually praying that their hearts will be softened. I hope that someone will be receptive and act on their Faith.
 New tie from Sister Hailey Garretson, my love, in California!
Oh, and a random vulture thingy. Yeah, it's kinda cool.

28 September 2015

Best Sunday on the mission so far!!!

Okay we have just a little post this week, not a ton happened that sticks out or that I would highlight, lots of generic missionary work. But what was noteworthy:
     Ellis: We've been teaching Ellis for almost three months, and there was a big space in the middle where we couldn't meet with him. He has been searching long and hard for the truth and the right way to worship God. He hasn't been baptized because he wants to make sure it's right. Sound familiar? He has an awesome understanding and as we teach he just puts the puzzle pieces together and the spirit confirms it and that's the game. Every lesson this has happened!!! Yesterday he made it to church (45 minutes late, thanks Jamaican time). We were in Sacrament meeting and all of a sudden I see President Francis shoot up out of his seat as someone is giving their testimony and bolt down the aisle passing the whole congregation and flying out the door and down the hall. A minute later he comes back and Ellis sits next to me. Turns out that he looked in and saw the meeting going on and started to leave, but President Francis saw him. THANK HEAVENS HE SAW HIM!!! We had two amazingly spiritual discussions in the classes and he felt the fellowship and love the priesthood bredren (brethren) have for him already. I'm so grateful for this. The spirit is working hard for him to know this is really, actually true. He is on or the 17th of October for baptism, but the Word of Wisdom may push it back. My goal is no later than the 31st, Halloween, which they don't really celebrate in Jamaica. Ellis is our Golden and only true "investigator".
     Elder Trinnaman and I are getting pretty close and I can say he is truly my son. I'm so proud o his progress and this morning  we had the best comp. study. We did a role play where I was new and he did all the teaching and he nailed it so hard!!! He knows what he is doing, good thing too. Maybe he can teach me how to be such a good teacher.
     This has been the hardest almost-six months of my life and it has been the best too. (It still stinks without you Hails!) I have grown so much and not just around the waist! :) Yeah I need to start doing some core workout...and whoever is reading this can someone send me a fake beard or goatee or some kind of realistic facial hair thing please? You'll see why in a few weeks. :)
    I know this Gospel is true. I know the Book of Mormon is true scripture and the word of God. I know that without this Gospel, there is no point to life. I know that the covenants we make at baptism and in the temple are real. God keeps them if we do our part. When we take those covenants upon ourselves, we accept a higher standard of living and we can be blessed so much more when we push ourselves to be perfect. I know Thomas S. Monson is a true and Living prophet, the mouthpiece of God on the earth today. I knew this before I met him in person when he came to the Boise temple re dedication celebration, and than my testimony was and is solidified forever. I know he prays for me every day. I love him. InTheNameOfJesusChristAmen. :)

21 September 2015

WOAH! We're halfway there...

     This Wednesday marks the halfway point of Elder Trinnaman's training in Ochi. I can't believe how fast it has gone by! Not a ton has happened in the last week that was noteworthy. Whelp, here is the scoop :
     District meeting was super cool! President Brown was there and we learned more about having the faith to achieve the goals the mission has set. President Brown gave us counsel from the scriptures with differing groups of people who sat on the shore and got comfortable. They didn't have the faith it was going to take to cross the many waters to get to the promised land. They stopped progressing and started digressing because they didn't think God could bring them to the promised land. He pierced our hearts as we realized we need to truly trust in God to do this missionary work.
     We saw a woman named Carol and PKB (President Kevin Brown) tagged along. We taught her "how to begin teaching" -establishing our purpose- and taught about the Book of Mormon. At the beginning of the lesson she didn't want to read it cause it wasn't the Bible, but at the end she was willing to read it to know if it's true.
     We've had a hard time meeting with our investigators. No appointments are sticking and everyone is always busy. We will not give up! As we work as hard as we can as missionaries, the Lord will give the results.
     We watched a dog get hit by a truck (he is okay) during a lesson!!! It was unreal and scary and hilarious at the same time! I know, I'm sick and twisted forgive me...We just looked out into the road and SMACK! Te dog is the neighborhood menace so the family we were meeting with was cheering and celebrating until they found the dog was okay. Haha it was great!
     General Conference is so soon! I have the Hinckling it will be on mostly missionary work with lots of warning of the disgusting world around us and separating from it. Those two main topics. We shall see when we see though!
     My understanding on how to help peoples understanding has been grown thanks to PKB yesterday at church. We spent the whole hour of Gospel principles on one paragraph in the book about the parent's responsibility to be God's partners in His Plan of Salvation.(Gospel principles book, chapter 36 I think) It opened my eyes to the depth you have to go into something to make it simple but very applicable. I'm already getting dad training!!!

14 September 2015

Fruits of Our Labors

     This week was kind of crazy. Okay To start off, we met with Gabbidon and Teshane. They wouldn't let us teach or share. Whenever we tried to testify they would break it down saying it couldn't be true since it wasn't in the bible. It was the first time I remember that they contended really hard and I continued to be filled with the spirit and not get angry or contentious. I felt so alive after the lesson even though we basically watched them spiritually die ater that lesson. It strengthened my testimony so strongly about the true nature of this church. I know without a doubt that this church is the Lord's kingdom on the earth. I have no doubt. It's interesting how someone who tries to tear your beliefs down ends up building them even more.
     We will continue to meet with them because the spirit is present in their lessons and that means they are feeling it. Evenutally they will yield to His enticings and be some of the strongest members in Ochi. We know they will do great once they accept the truth. Our ocus is to let them think they are getting us to doubt when we come to ask questions and learn according to their knowledge. Then we question more and more thier doctrine until it runs them into contradictions and they convict themselves. They prove themselves wrong is the goal because we can't prove them wrong. We have the full puzzle and just have to hand them the pieces. Defenitely a "follow-the-spirit" focus (which should be every lesson!).
     Through the week we got some lessons and did more preparations for branch council which got pushed back another week because of a funeral or Sister Abigail Lluelyn. I got to know her and will miss her. She was an amazing woman... Our branch mission plan is to get home and visiting teaching run by the members and consistant by the end of the year. We met with the Jacksons, Brother Nelson, and Sister Henry about it and we will continue to meet members around our area to get it started up. Ochi branch is going to be moving up in the ranks soon come. I'm super excited!
      Sandy is nowhere to be found because of her new job. We haven't met with her basically since her baptism and that is not okay in my book... she is super busy and in order to follow God she may have to drop it. I hope we built her faith enough to alow her the confidence to do something so unsure in this world of money. We are going over to help her do chores to make it to church on Sunday. Thank the sister missionaries for convincing her to let us all come over! Women do have that touch that men don't.
     Today we are going back to the beach! I love the sand and its nice to just reax for an hour or two. We will see if pictures load this and next week. Thank you for all those who pray for me and for missionaries in General; IT MAKES A DIFERENCE. Keep praying please we need your faith and prayers to do this work. To my family and Ward family, and Friends, I love you all and miss every single one of you a ton. Please always remember our God and His Tender Mercies  that we are blessed to have. God is our everything and we owe Him our lives; everything we can give Him.

District p-day at the beach! Sorry for the tilt, the photographer was a bystander. :)

07 September 2015

Potential Energy + Movement = Kinetic Energy

     Okay. This week was great! We did a lot of missionary things and taught some missionary stuff. The week flew by like usual, and we didn't get to see some of our people that we're focusing on. No new developments on Sandy, Simone, or Gabbidon. We see Gabbidon today and will teach him the Holy Ghost and prayer out of the new testament (the bible cause he hates any scripture not in the 66 bible books.)
     The member work is starting to move, hence the title! We are getting some firesides set up after church and they are to pump the members up to reach out to those friends they have and bring them back into the old, with a focus on the members we already know. Less-actives and in-actives. We taught a great fireside yesterday at church and I felt like it did a good job to help the members realize just how much of a responsibility it is for them to do something. Next we will be getting directories out to all the members so they can have somewhere to start. Then we wait for calls and do whatever else we can to help each member separately. I can't deal with the fact that I may leave Ochi after I'm done training Elder Trinnaman in seven weeks.... D: NNOONOONOONONONO! I'll stay in Ochi for the whole two years please and thank you! :)
     The Zone Leaders stayed the night at our house this past week and we talked a ton about finding and how to and did role plays and such. It helped me a ton. I feel like Elder Trinnaman and I are getting more faith, and even though we are bad at finding right now, BECAUSE of our faith, people come up and find us instead. It's a good deal for now. Kind of like how eventually Joseph Smith didn't need a seer stone to translate the Book of Mormon cause he became so familiar with the workings of the Spirit. I hope to be able to get familiar enough to just find with no problems.

 For the records I guess? #selfie!
 Jovani is silly at Friday Night Acitvity!
 My new tie from Hailey!!! Thank you!!!
 A few shots with Quiania before church! I'm adopting(stealing) her from the Francis's when I leave!!!

31 August 2015

It Finally Rained Today!!!!

     After a long drought, it finally rained and it rained hard! Although it feels nice to have it be a bit cooler, it's ten times as humid and I'm literally soaking wet right now. All I'm doing is typing on a computer!
#Livin' in Jamaica
     But yeah! This week flew by so fast! It felt like two days and I hear it only gets faster. I'm 1/4 of the way done training my comp and I only have 9 weeks left in Ochi if I leave out after training. I have a gut feeling I'll leave afterwards and go to Kingston. We shall see! This week was fast though and we didn't have a ton of lessons, but a few things did happen that are noteworthy:

1. Gabbidone and Teshayne are some non-denominational Christians we met that only believe in the Bible and bashed us with Revelation 22:18 to prove us wrong. They have some interesting outlook on church, religion, and the Holy Ghost. Church, since it's not mentioned in any translation of the bible,  (save for synagogue and congregation) should not exist. All churches teach the bible incorrectly and it's only meant to be read. The Holy Ghost doesn't reveal to us truth or else there would be no reason for the Bible cause we would just be spoon-fed truth. So the HG doesn't communicate with us. Revelation had ended and so did the prophets with John. (some scripture with a nice JST. ) For our solution, see Matthew 7, John 14, John 16, and 1 Corinthians 15. Focus your study on the role of the Holy Ghost, how to pray, why we pray, and how to know truth.

2.Young Buck is a 70 year old man that stopped us on the street and asked us how many wives we had. We explained the polygamy thing, got that straightened out and talked a lot about his life and how Christ has shaped him. He's very active and I mistook him for a forty year old at most. He looked good, like he kept the Word of Wisdom or something... ?

3.Today we meet with a member of the ward to teach them how to be a good caring ward member. And how to not let Sandy drop to less- activity. We will be doing this a lot with ward members; taking them to teach Recent Converts or less-actives.
#Building a branch!

I'm loving the work and my testimony of my Jesus grows stronger every day. I am learning how to be a good father and how to build the kingdom of God on the earth as I sacrifice all I have to do so, and fulfill all my covenants. I know this church is true and I cannot deny it. If you have not read the Book of Mormon to know if it is true, DO IT. Nothing bad can possibly come of you for reading a book and this book will bless you more than you could imagine. Trust me I've seen it in my own life.

24 August 2015

Cue the tumbleweed!

     Ocho Rios is going to be great soon. Yes we have a presidency, but in time we will have a branch. We are going to be working with President Francis and the auxiliaries to bring all of those lost sheep back into the fold. We will create lasting friendships between the members we have, then move to adding in less-active and inactive members to these groups until everyone is one big group. Our focus is to have a branch run the way it is supposed to. People will learn how to love each other and how to fellowship new converts. Home teaching and Visiting teaching are going to be solid and reliable. We need a branch to bring people to and there are already so many connections in the church that we can use for referrals to teach more members. I'm very excited for the work I see happening in Ochi soon and want to let you all be aware of the hard work that our Branch President is doing. He is truly devoting his time talents and energy to build our branch.

     Our generic missionary work has been dry this week. No finding new people, we have about ten in our pool right now, and a few of them are going to be a long-loving effort, not a teach-and-dunk type (I hope that doesn't sound bad, I mean it in the best way possible!!!). But we have a vision and are going to begin an exhaustive effort to build this branch. Lots and lots (tons) of less active work, home teaching, visiting teaching and begging members for referrals. We are working with the auxilaries right now to find five members each that they are going to work with to bring back and love into the fold of God once more.

Here's a super cool plastic looking jungle tree we found while finding in Content Garden.

And my companion, Elder Trinnaman! He is sooo cool! He loves Disney, anything Disney, you name it.
OH YEAH! Did you see my cheeks growing? I'm getting fat!!!eeEEEEeEeEeEEEeEP! I've gained thickness around my wait and thighs, thanks Ochi hills, and upper body muscles form all the service. Mixing cement and machete stuff builds you up! I now weigh 165 pounds as ooposed to my 145 pounds out of the MTC. Im tailoring my pants now, and getting some larger sizes. My shoes are good though. :) 

17 August 2015

New Beginnings - My second companion!

     Last Wednesday was transfer meeting and Elder Gardner went to Spanish Town to be a zone leader. I have been called on to train one of the 15 new missionaries coming into the mission. His name is Elder Trinnaman and he is from Highland Utah. He comes from a family that adopts children and it sounds super cool. He is very prepared to be a missionary and that's good because I will need the help when he gets the hang of things around Ochi and in Jamaica. I'm grateful for the responsibility and trust God has given me, but I will be praying a lot to let God qualify me for this great work. Time for me to start growing a ton I guess?! Relying on Grace to get me through. But until next week, Mi-da-ya! (mee-day-eh) 

---I will get a picture of us up next week.---

     But for now, here's a picture up on Paradise of us before we went into the bush-tunnel-of-death. This road goes down at a 50% angle at least. And it is bumpy. And rocky. And we biked down it last week. :)

10 August 2015

A Lot of Nothing and a Little of Something

Well, this week was full of empty finding, dropped appointments, and ignored phone calls, but Saturday made up for it! Here's the day:

     We woke up and went straight to the church for Sandy's baptism. We went to the beach and it was super cool to see someone make the covenant of baptism when I've learned so much more about it from being out here.

     Then we went up to our house, showered, had an hour or so of walking up Breadnut Hill and found a new road. We followed it up and up and up and down and way down and way up again and got to a place called Paradise. It was gorgeous from up there! We will be biking the mountain road again today for fun! We walked the first time.

After that we rendered more service on the building of the Life Tabernacle church!
Our ginnup haul of the week! Over three dozen each! 
 Used the Crock Pot to cook us some chili and Elder Gardner cooked Navajo fry bread. We ate wayyyy too much of this!
 Glamour shot
 And my record breaking (for now) mega peanut butter cream biscuit tower! This one has 22 layers.
    Transfer calls came! 
     I'm waiting on a call (training a newbie) and staying in Ochi and my companion is going to be zone leader in Spanish Town by Kingston. I'm way excited that I don't have to be district leader on top of it all!!! We get a new sister in Ochi from Africa I hear she is crazy. Haha! I should do okay training I hope. He'd better have a lot of long-suffering already under his belt.

     The rest of the work isn't going very fast, but we have a group of potential investigators to re-contact and set up appointments with. Hopefully we get some people to start progressing. They are out there but we just need to find them, they'll do the rest with our guidance. I know this church is true and the basics of church prayer and scripture study are vital to our testimonies staying strong and not becoming a sandy foundation.