28 December 2015

Pics this week!

So this week was great! 
     Monday, we had p-day. Nothing fun happens on p-days, I wish we had zone activities. I want to see some island sights. 
     Tuesday we went to Sister Ffrench's house and chopped down a few trees. That's me way up there on the bean pole! Only about 30 or 35 feet up, and it was very sturdy. I'm being safe I promise!!! 
     Wednesday was the Christmas party where everyone got their boxes. We got good Jamrock food and enjoyed a lot of cool conversation. We also got to see the "Dad side" of President Brown, throwing wrapping paper and candy at us all. I had a good time and Love everything that was in my box! I think i posted our Christmas tree in next weeks or the weeks after's blog, but it is a Coconut tree frond standing in a corner of the house! lol! Livin' in Jamaica!
     Thursday was Christmas eve and we tried to go caroling, but it all fell through. Our house went to a photo booth and took a Christmas picture. The "Wal-mart photo" type backgrounds are so terrible here in Jamaica (a laughing stock among missionaries), so we made the ugliest and coolest card we could! I'll hopefully get a scanned copy of it to put on here for all!
     Friday was Christmas. Mission Christmas is nothing like normal Christmas back home and I liked it in a way apart from the fact that I was away from Hailey... My fam too... We got fed a few meals and got to talk to our families. I was so grateful to be able to hear Hailey's voice and see her for a short time. It meant a whole lot to me and was the highlight of my holiday!
     Saturday and the past few days I had been sick, both Elder Porter  and I were going through crazy symptoms like bad bubblegum! He got a rash then I got a fever, he got sick then I couldn't get out of bed! But we pressed on and had a good rest day or two. 
     Sunday We didn't get the sacrament for the sickness :"( and I watched a ton of church videos on CD. I also wrote Hailey a chunk of letters.