30 May 2016

May Pen was a Time Crunch

     For posterity sake, I am back on the blog. I'm going to write a few snetences becuase a birdy told me to (lol dad...). This last three months I have been in May Pen district, MAndeville zone. I have had two companions: Elder Ozment and Elder Brown. Elder Ozment was that guy who was my DL up in Ochi, and we prophesied we would be companions before he left in August. It came true. That transfer was fun, we teach powerfully together, and talked to many cool people. We progressed Howard Tinson Forward and he was baptized on May 7th, 2016. I'll have to touch on his story later. Too long for today! Elder Ozment left and I was called to train again. I recieved Elder brown and we spent the last transfer going through what seemed to be the toughest but most rewarding transfer ever. I'm grateful for his companionship.
     Transfer calls came last Saturday, and I got the call that I'm leaving in the middle of training to become a "part-time zone leader" (in a Tripanionship with Elder Ritchie and Elder Jones).I'm giong to miss May Pen and a lot of our investigators and Recent converts a ton. Here are some pics of them.
The Myrie family, soon be baptized!

Ahh, good old mash-up ear. The neighborhood scrounge-puss.
Mash-up ear for a reason.
Elder Brown and I this morning.

Brother Ferrari, his wife (center) and Sister Channer and her Daughter. Love her daughter, she is so cool!
Howard Tinson!!!!
Kenroy, Devie (Devon), and Shaggy (dumb-looking dog with his tongue out)