30 November 2015

I'm Dreamin' of a White Christmas

So, it's already December... what? I have been out for seven months now and it doesn't feel like it. I am getting nearer to going home than I want to (except to marry Hails of course! ;)!)

so...I forgot my blog this week, so I'll edit it next week. so sorry everyone, im still figuring out the hour of email time management...

23 November 2015

Tour de Bike Problems

Yes, we had a week full of broken bikes. either one or both of Elder Porter's and my bikes were broken or flat! wooooh! But in spite of this, it was a great week! We had some crazy experiences during finding that manifested God's power and omnipotence.
     First! We were on our way to an appoinment on Wednesday when my tire went flat instantly. Then we met a solid contact named Fabian (fay-bee-en). Right after the contact, i tried filling up my tire joking that God flattened it and that it wouldn't be flat anymore now. WELL THAT"S WHAT HAPPENED! It filled up with no problems at all!
     Second! The same thing happened to my comp. and it was a less solid contact, but God is definitely in our lives and guiding our steps to get us to meet people He needs in the Kingdom.
     The week was full of our bikes breaking down, and an emergency zone conference that dropped email time back down to one hour and solidified page 34 in the white bible(we need male adults in lessons with females). We had to leave a few lessons because of the rule, but are being blessed with more males to teach because of our obedience to the rule. My typing will be quickened I hope so my blog posts aren't smaller, but talking to family takes priority. I have been adding in some pictures after the post, so check back a few weeks or so to see if more pictures were edited in.
     Love you all and have an awesome holiday in the COLD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But really I wouldn't mind the cold right now, it still feels like August

16 November 2015


This week was absolutely insane! Lots of very interesting stuff happened. Let's start with the most important and then move to a random list of happenings.
     Marcia got baptized on Saturday and was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Sunday November 15th, 2015. She will be an amazing member and has a solid testimony. She was found in the area book by Elder Patrick and Elder Porter. She had been taught before, but never got baptized and was lost in the craziness of transfers and such. They picked her back up and she has been waiting for the missionaries to come back for a while.
     Last week Monday I had the opportunity to eat kidney, and man it was cooked very well cause i just thought it was beef until about halfway through someone said "THIS KIDNEY IS SO GOOD!" and I half choked, but kept on eating cause it didn't matter to me, it tasted good! I have gotten over a lot of my food phobias here already. I'll try anything and keep trying it if it's good!
     Throughout the week, we had a lot of bike problems... One of our bikes was always broken and we couldn't/ can't do work in our area without bikes (due to the space we cover...) so we ended up spending three days out of this week working on bicycles on and off. We did get some lessons in but it was rough.
     On Friday we set up chairs for an all-of-a-sudden funeral on Saturday morning. Then on Saturday morning we were at the funeral. Apparently the woman who had passed on was a political figure, because the Prime Minister of Jamaica made an appearance. What was even more cool is that my companion and I were integrated into her bodyguard force and made sure the building was secure! It was cool to be able to say we did. Definitely something not as whole lot of people can say they did. :) After the funeral, we had to run home (broken bikes, remember?) a few miles to get the baptismal clothing and reach back to the church on time for Marcia's baptism that she and her friend showed up to 2 hours early!!! Sunday and today my legs were(are) dying. I haven't run in my new 170 pound body yet, and I don't remember the last time I ran in my old 130 pound body. I wouldn't recommend it! The whole week was LOOOONG and took forever, but there were so many cool things that happened. Lots of things I never expected to do out on a mission.
My house full of crazies. Me, Elder Banton from Linstead, Elder Stolp from South Africa and Elder Porter from Mesa, Arizona.
 My son! I'm such a proud mother!
 Cats on my lap
 Me and cats
 More cats

Elder Porter, Marcia, Me, Shirley (Marcia's friend, taking lessons now), and Bishop Reid

     I know this church is true and I know the blessings of this gospel DO come to those who are obedient and endure. The Book of Mormon is TRUE and it was translated by Joseph Smith, by the gift and power of God. Thomas S. Monson is the true and living prophet today and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only church on the earth with the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ suffered for my sins and He is the only way we can return to live with our Father in Heaven again. Jesus Christ is my Savior. In His name I bear my testimony, amen.

09 November 2015

A Whole New World!

     Okay this one is going to be long! A lot has happened in the last week! I am in heaven now and yeah I miss Ochi, but now I think I have hit the place I am meant to make a huge difference in the church here in Jamaica!
     So This past week, I left Ochi and made it to Boulevard (Kingston). The church building is a two-story building and has the generic Mormon tables, decorations and "won-doors" I oh so missed from my American church buildings! My house is super sick, we are on the second story in a cute likkle neighborhood called Pembrook Hall. My new companion is Elder Porter from Mesa, AZ and my roommates were Elder Stolp from South Africa (he's white) and Elder Peterson from Farmington, Utah. Elder Peterson died though so we got Elder Banton from Linstead, Jamaica. We have a cool house and we laugh a lot. I didn't know how unhealthy it was not to laugh. I hadn't laughed much in Ochi. In the past week, I have laughed more than I have throughout my whole 6 months in the mission! To all readers: Find ways to make yourself and others laugh. Make memories every day and LOG THEM so you can remember them all! This has become important to me, and it will be important for those who come after you, your siblings and your posterity. I want to give them my life story with videos and pictures, not just by word of mouth. I want them to see how dumb I was!
     So some stuff about my new place. Random things. Less mosquitoes in the house, but after dark they are ruthless. I can actually ride my bike everywhere instead of pushing it up the hills and riding it down. The church is huge and member work actually exists here!A four- man house is so much more fun. I don't feel like curling up in a corner and dying anymore because I have people to mess around with. I love it. The people here are so great too! The stores are also going to be better, more Americanized.

Here is a day-by-day:
     Wednesday: I got to transfer meeting way late because it started to rain and then we got a flat tire. Made it in time for the closing hymn and prayer! I got carted around with the Zone Leaders until I made it to my house! I got unpacked and went to see some cool members in the Boulevard ward (eeep! a ward!).
     Thursday: We did service at Sister Hamilton's house and had a blast chopping yard. She fed us this fish and provisions soup with water crackers and such, it was way different than I expected, but it was good. I'm going to take the idea and make some kind of chicken pot pie lasagna thing with it. I am loving the food options here, things I never would have thought of for sure!
     Friday: Super planning and helping Elder Peterson get packed to go home, we had a few appointments too, nothing super special though. Good lessons!
     Saturday: International Day of Service! We donated our hands at a local kindergarten to rebuild their schoolhouse and paint it up and make it look nice! As we pulled off the boarding on one of the walls, a few hundred HUGE Cockroaches literally poured out of the rotten wood! If you're familiar with Weird Al's song "Weasel stomping day", and the Wild Thornberries, we had a smashing time! It was so gross and really messed up. A few people got them in their clothes as the likkle buggers were trying to get away. Remember that scene from "Mummy" with the scarabs? yeah. *shivers* We painted each other and stuff, it was fun! We got pizza afterward and that's always a treat here! Cheese isn't very cheap here. Just dairy in general isn't cheap!
     Sunday: I had an actual ward! Wow it felt like home, and I actually felt like it was an LDS worship service. The sacrament was one of the most powerful meetings since I became worthy again from my apostate days. I felt like I became a new person and really reflected on my whole life. I love this faith because it promises the most blessings, makes the most sense and has the most freedom of all faiths out there (yes I also heard about the pope's "Sunday only proposition").

Some celestial clouds

     I'm grateful to be a part of it and have an incredible opportunity to share it with these wonderful people of Jamaica. I know that what I share is true and there would be no purpose to life without the truths that only our religion has. We have the true meaning of life and our eternal destiny. In the name of our Lord and Savior I testify of these things. Amen.

02 November 2015

Transfer Calls!

This last week was super CRazY...
So I have too much to write and I hope this doesn't just come out as a jumbled mess. I'll do a list for order of importance?

1.I'm leaving Ochi to go to Kingston (Boulevard by Constant Springs) and mother Elder Porter!
2.Ellis is not coming to church anymore and is putting work first...I hope he gets in gear and chooses this...keep praying!
3.Sandy also isn't coming to church...pray please...
4.I have identified my largest downfall: I'm stuck in my own little world and won't trust God to use me as a tool in His hands. I'm telling Him how to use me...
5.Lots of learning this week. I want to change and become better. I need to be more humble and submit my will (the only thing that isn't God's) and give it to him. I need to become a consecrated missionary.
     I'm going to miss Ochi so much. Words can't describe how much I will miss the people and the members! Moving on to a new chapter will be interesting, I feel like it will give me a new light to the work. Note to all: When you walk into a Jamaican craft market, you HAVE to hit every shop they drag you all over the place! So be prepared for that. :)
     I know this work I am doing is true. I know that this Gospel is the fullness as restored by Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith. This is the way to be happy and gain eternal salvation. I know this for myself and no one can make me deny it. Not even to save my life.