06 June 2016


     SO MOBAY! wow this has been an interesting week. Lots of really cool lessons, and some car headaches. lol I am not used to being in a car and it's made me sick a few times already. It's not a complete blessing yet. My camera broke and I'll be getting a new one today. The week has been full of lessons with really cool progressing investigators (a few baptisms soon come), and some way nice people that I see entering the church. The tri-panionship is going great, we were all nervous about it but its working out. Elder Ritchie and Elder Jones are great and I don't feel  like a third wheel most of the time. I love the lessons we get to teach, they are mostly very spiritual and full and simple. I'm learning more on how to contact and how to teach simply. Challenging and Testifying has brought about a whole new meaning to me as I have put it into action. Mobay is so beautiful and I'm lucky toserve in one of the best branches on the island! The members here are so sweet! Church was one of the best things about this week. I loved the members' testimonies and enthusiasm in classes. You don't get much of that. The church is alive here in Mobay. Thats mostly about it for today. Blogger won't let me paste my voice recordings today,  but I'll try to get those on here soon. If i can. Love you all!