15 February 2016

Brought to the Waters of Baptism

     This week was great and crazy. Lots of preparations for the baptism of Makissa Lewis and her two kids, Sapphine and Sashanique. The week was comprised of making sure they were taught everything they needed and making said preparation.
     All in all we didn't have a great teaching week, but we brought three souls into the font and helped them make eternal convenants! I am so excited for them, they have so much faith and are very strong. We floured President Medley for his birthday yesterday, and got cake for it! haha! I love Jamaica and its cute cultural quirks.
     I have learned a lot about myself this past few weeks. Who I am, what is important, where my loyalties are truly placed, and who I need to become/ who God sees me as. Thanks to president Brown, and prayer, I am more aware and can grow further in my mission experience.

Forgot my camera cord today, so next week youll see the new members of our church!

12 February 2016

Because he got high

So we found a gentleman this week and he is the don of weed. but the interesting thing is, he doesnt sell it, he just smokes it. Here are some pictures of his buckets of weed!

Yes that is a ton of weed. But in other news we're going to try to baptize him and his family! more news will come as we teach them. This week was pretty cool even though it was soooo long!
     Lots of finding and tracting happened, but Elder Fowkes my new companion is really good at talking to people, so it isn't hard, just slow work.
     Not by my own actions, I almost got hit three times off my bicycle by cars (I'm okay don't worry Hailey!) and fell of my bike a bunch whilst not even moving. just standing and talking, lose balance and thwomp! On the ground. Elder Fowkes just laughs at how clumsy I am. It rained a few days and such. That makes the work hard. But almost all of our appointments fell through, so we had a lot of finding to do. What is incredible is when you pray an ask for males and families, you find them. Kinda cool how God works, huh?

     BIG NEWS!!! We are having three baptisms on the 13 of February!!! Makissa and her two kids have been learning for about four or five weeks and are the most faithful people i have met in Jamaica. I'm very excited for them and can't wait to be a part of their experience of coming into the church!

01 February 2016

All the craziness...

Hey sorry about the bad post (non-existant post) last week. Lots of stuff was going down with my hour for email and I needed all the time for other prospects. I will eventually go back and fill it in.

But as a reader's digest version of these last two weeks, Elder Porter, Elder Stolp, and Sister Williams, Elder Havili, and Elder Johnson got transferred out of our district, so lots of changes. I now have Elder Fowkes, who has three months left on his mission. He is from Gilbert, AZ. We are already close bros! We have taught some already and I feel like we will get along fine. Elder Porter was a boss though, I will miss him a ton. We will have to link afterwards. I may have only 6 weeks left in Kingston, but I want more time. I haven't done enough in this area yet!

     Pictures didn't make it this week, super sorry. Will update next week... Thanks for being patient with me!!!