01 February 2016

All the craziness...

Hey sorry about the bad post (non-existant post) last week. Lots of stuff was going down with my hour for email and I needed all the time for other prospects. I will eventually go back and fill it in.

But as a reader's digest version of these last two weeks, Elder Porter, Elder Stolp, and Sister Williams, Elder Havili, and Elder Johnson got transferred out of our district, so lots of changes. I now have Elder Fowkes, who has three months left on his mission. He is from Gilbert, AZ. We are already close bros! We have taught some already and I feel like we will get along fine. Elder Porter was a boss though, I will miss him a ton. We will have to link afterwards. I may have only 6 weeks left in Kingston, but I want more time. I haven't done enough in this area yet!

     Pictures didn't make it this week, super sorry. Will update next week... Thanks for being patient with me!!!