15 February 2016

Brought to the Waters of Baptism

     This week was great and crazy. Lots of preparations for the baptism of Makissa Lewis and her two kids, Sapphine and Sashanique. The week was comprised of making sure they were taught everything they needed and making said preparation.
     All in all we didn't have a great teaching week, but we brought three souls into the font and helped them make eternal convenants! I am so excited for them, they have so much faith and are very strong. We floured President Medley for his birthday yesterday, and got cake for it! haha! I love Jamaica and its cute cultural quirks.
     I have learned a lot about myself this past few weeks. Who I am, what is important, where my loyalties are truly placed, and who I need to become/ who God sees me as. Thanks to president Brown, and prayer, I am more aware and can grow further in my mission experience.

Forgot my camera cord today, so next week youll see the new members of our church!