23 November 2015

Tour de Bike Problems

Yes, we had a week full of broken bikes. either one or both of Elder Porter's and my bikes were broken or flat! wooooh! But in spite of this, it was a great week! We had some crazy experiences during finding that manifested God's power and omnipotence.
     First! We were on our way to an appoinment on Wednesday when my tire went flat instantly. Then we met a solid contact named Fabian (fay-bee-en). Right after the contact, i tried filling up my tire joking that God flattened it and that it wouldn't be flat anymore now. WELL THAT"S WHAT HAPPENED! It filled up with no problems at all!
     Second! The same thing happened to my comp. and it was a less solid contact, but God is definitely in our lives and guiding our steps to get us to meet people He needs in the Kingdom.
     The week was full of our bikes breaking down, and an emergency zone conference that dropped email time back down to one hour and solidified page 34 in the white bible(we need male adults in lessons with females). We had to leave a few lessons because of the rule, but are being blessed with more males to teach because of our obedience to the rule. My typing will be quickened I hope so my blog posts aren't smaller, but talking to family takes priority. I have been adding in some pictures after the post, so check back a few weeks or so to see if more pictures were edited in.
     Love you all and have an awesome holiday in the COLD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But really I wouldn't mind the cold right now, it still feels like August