02 November 2015

Transfer Calls!

This last week was super CRazY...
So I have too much to write and I hope this doesn't just come out as a jumbled mess. I'll do a list for order of importance?

1.I'm leaving Ochi to go to Kingston (Boulevard by Constant Springs) and mother Elder Porter!
2.Ellis is not coming to church anymore and is putting work first...I hope he gets in gear and chooses this...keep praying!
3.Sandy also isn't coming to church...pray please...
4.I have identified my largest downfall: I'm stuck in my own little world and won't trust God to use me as a tool in His hands. I'm telling Him how to use me...
5.Lots of learning this week. I want to change and become better. I need to be more humble and submit my will (the only thing that isn't God's) and give it to him. I need to become a consecrated missionary.
     I'm going to miss Ochi so much. Words can't describe how much I will miss the people and the members! Moving on to a new chapter will be interesting, I feel like it will give me a new light to the work. Note to all: When you walk into a Jamaican craft market, you HAVE to hit every shop they drag you all over the place! So be prepared for that. :)
     I know this work I am doing is true. I know that this Gospel is the fullness as restored by Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith. This is the way to be happy and gain eternal salvation. I know this for myself and no one can make me deny it. Not even to save my life.