26 October 2015

Wait. What just happened...?

Wagwan pon di likkle island of JamRock! Mi Cyaaan belive mi heeya abraad fi so long...A slice a year unu nah link up wid mi. There's some patois for you, have fun trying to say it right! haha. But in all seriousness, this week was an absolute blast. It flew by and Monday feels like so far away! Here is a day by day rundown. Sorry about the lack of pictures, my camera is really making me mad. (Might need a new one for my year mark...But I love this one...18 mp is awesome, but I'll go for a life-proof one next.)

Monday: Today was a holiday. Nobody was out, so we helped Tracey (President Francis's wife) with her wash. I rinsed and Elder Trinnaman hung. It was super fun! I've started to WASH BY HAND when I can.
Tuesday: Because of the holiday, p-day was today. We went to the beach to put our toes in the sand for Elder Trinnaman's birthday. Some guy with a BAD spirit about him was carrying a naked baby under a year old around on the shore, then went into the water. We all got a really bad feeling about it and then, in a nutshell, he started to half drown the baby while telling it to "wake up! wake up! wake up!". We were so shocked and we didn't hesitate to get out of there quickly and will never go back to that beach again. It was a clear clear message to the missionaries.

Wednesday: We had district meeting and such, didn't have any lessons and we had a lot of finding, but didn't find anyone.

Thursday: We taught our first family! They are less active and didn't even come to church... The husband is abroad a lot so it's hard to get them all together.

Friday: We super planned, then after we went up to parry town, we got hit by a tropical storm (a licking arm from the category 6 in Mexico) and walked all the way down in the rain to the church, a 45 minute walk. We were 100% soaked, no dry part on us... :) it was awesome until we realized how wet we were. We hung ourselves out to dry at the church until the storm ended.
Saturday: Service fell through at the church we are building. Michelle is a new investigator we taught and she is just looking for the right church. She's very nice and has basic basic knowledge of church/god/religion. OH! We basically got locked out of our house. We ended up staying the night at the church. It was the worst night of "sleep" I have ever gotten. Laying on the concrete ground in a warm building all night is NO fun. we tried not to offend anybody with our odour during church and made it up asap to get into our house. We had to hacksaw the lock off after church on Sunday.

So yes, this is one of the funniest and weirdest weeks so far. I'd say its the most memorable one. I have been learning a lot about my divine nature in my personal scripture study and hope that I can be the best I can be every day. I don't want to regret any day on my mission! Want to make it the fullest! I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and His Grace is Sufficient to help me and protect me and carry me and forgive me. If you have not listened to "His Grace is Sufficient"  by Brad Wilcox (speeches.byu.edu) I invite you to do so right now. I get it now. :)