12 October 2015

T-minus 21 days to lift off?

Halfway through the transfer already? I don't understand time here. I'm almost 1/4 of the way through!!!

     For all of you who said this wasn't a mission, but a vacation, I have this to say: NOT a vacation. Haha this is the hardest thing I have ever done and aside form the aspects of missionary work, top onto it a new culture, people, climate, diet, etc. It was a vacation for maybe a month, then I think it hit me a lot more what the broader spectrum of this work was. Then I got usd to the "vacation aspects" of the island. Now I'm here on my mission and it is one of the hardest things ever. I wish you could all be here to see what it is really like.

     I want everyone to know that I am stronger than ever before and my testimony is at the point of where it will never fall or crumble if I keep it nourished for the  rest of my life. It's not done growing but it's solid. Kinda like a sugar crystal lollipop. It is solid but layers are always forming.

     Ellis is doing great, he has taken almost all of the lessons, accepts them well, knows this is the true church, but hasn't made it on time to sacrament meeting. Looks like he will be ready to be baptized by the beginning or middle of November after I  transfer out of Ochi. Darn. But the notch will still be on my belt in my mind, we helped him a lot he has told us. I don't have to be the baptizer as long as I helped him get to that point. Here is his business up Breadnut hill (the likkle house pon di side di road dem). It's a killer hill! I'm by a random JamRock Advert for a Sodom and Gomorrah party!