05 October 2015

Rain keeps falling on my head, it keeps falling...

So this week! General conference, Ellis, Elder Ridler, giant cockroaches, angry branch presidents and much much more!

     This week we found out that Ellis finally got a phone so it's now easier to get a hold of him! He's doing well, he won't tell us many details about word of wisdom so were going to do more questions to gauge his obedience to it. He will now be able to  read the Book of Mormon since we got him the 8x11 copy, the huge one! I'm excited to see him make covenants with God around this month, probably toward the end.
     General Conference was awesome! Halfway through Saturday afternoon, the computer we were using exploded and it sounded terrible when that happened... But basically we set up Brother Jones's laptop and streamed it from there for the rest of conference. It was strengthening and I loved every talk. I sustain the three new apostles and I hope all of you do as well. I know they are called of God!!!
     The senior couple, the Ridlers are from England. They are the nicest people ever. They went to inspect our apartment and gave us a ride into town then took us to go eat in an actual RESTAURANT not just a wooden roadside cook-shop! He went to Korea on his mission as a young man and now they are in Jamaica together. They are so great.
     The cockroaches just get bigger and bigger... *shivers violently* I killed one that was at least two inch long by one and a half inches wide by one inch tall...yeah it sounded like a firecracker when it got stepped on and the thing was fast too!!! Mi nah like deya no much. chue! I have yet to wake up snuggling one, though and for this I am grateful!!
     So the branch president and I got into a disagreement and I am having total deja vu as I type this. I dreamed this would happen... anyway! We got in a likkle quarrel and he hurt my feelings as I was just trying to help and fulfill my calling as a branch clerk. I want to do things right.
     The work in Ochi is super slow. Nobody holds appointments and those who do don't progress. I'm holding on to my Faith that there are people waiting to hear my message but Ether 12:5 is my position right now. Nobody is listening to the amazing things I have to say about this gospel. I'm continually praying that their hearts will be softened. I hope that someone will be receptive and act on their Faith.
 New tie from Sister Hailey Garretson, my love, in California!
Oh, and a random vulture thingy. Yeah, it's kinda cool.