28 September 2015

Best Sunday on the mission so far!!!

Okay we have just a little post this week, not a ton happened that sticks out or that I would highlight, lots of generic missionary work. But what was noteworthy:
     Ellis: We've been teaching Ellis for almost three months, and there was a big space in the middle where we couldn't meet with him. He has been searching long and hard for the truth and the right way to worship God. He hasn't been baptized because he wants to make sure it's right. Sound familiar? He has an awesome understanding and as we teach he just puts the puzzle pieces together and the spirit confirms it and that's the game. Every lesson this has happened!!! Yesterday he made it to church (45 minutes late, thanks Jamaican time). We were in Sacrament meeting and all of a sudden I see President Francis shoot up out of his seat as someone is giving their testimony and bolt down the aisle passing the whole congregation and flying out the door and down the hall. A minute later he comes back and Ellis sits next to me. Turns out that he looked in and saw the meeting going on and started to leave, but President Francis saw him. THANK HEAVENS HE SAW HIM!!! We had two amazingly spiritual discussions in the classes and he felt the fellowship and love the priesthood bredren (brethren) have for him already. I'm so grateful for this. The spirit is working hard for him to know this is really, actually true. He is on or the 17th of October for baptism, but the Word of Wisdom may push it back. My goal is no later than the 31st, Halloween, which they don't really celebrate in Jamaica. Ellis is our Golden and only true "investigator".
     Elder Trinnaman and I are getting pretty close and I can say he is truly my son. I'm so proud o his progress and this morning  we had the best comp. study. We did a role play where I was new and he did all the teaching and he nailed it so hard!!! He knows what he is doing, good thing too. Maybe he can teach me how to be such a good teacher.
     This has been the hardest almost-six months of my life and it has been the best too. (It still stinks without you Hails!) I have grown so much and not just around the waist! :) Yeah I need to start doing some core workout...and whoever is reading this can someone send me a fake beard or goatee or some kind of realistic facial hair thing please? You'll see why in a few weeks. :)
    I know this Gospel is true. I know the Book of Mormon is true scripture and the word of God. I know that without this Gospel, there is no point to life. I know that the covenants we make at baptism and in the temple are real. God keeps them if we do our part. When we take those covenants upon ourselves, we accept a higher standard of living and we can be blessed so much more when we push ourselves to be perfect. I know Thomas S. Monson is a true and Living prophet, the mouthpiece of God on the earth today. I knew this before I met him in person when he came to the Boise temple re dedication celebration, and than my testimony was and is solidified forever. I know he prays for me every day. I love him. InTheNameOfJesusChristAmen. :)