21 September 2015

WOAH! We're halfway there...

     This Wednesday marks the halfway point of Elder Trinnaman's training in Ochi. I can't believe how fast it has gone by! Not a ton has happened in the last week that was noteworthy. Whelp, here is the scoop :
     District meeting was super cool! President Brown was there and we learned more about having the faith to achieve the goals the mission has set. President Brown gave us counsel from the scriptures with differing groups of people who sat on the shore and got comfortable. They didn't have the faith it was going to take to cross the many waters to get to the promised land. They stopped progressing and started digressing because they didn't think God could bring them to the promised land. He pierced our hearts as we realized we need to truly trust in God to do this missionary work.
     We saw a woman named Carol and PKB (President Kevin Brown) tagged along. We taught her "how to begin teaching" -establishing our purpose- and taught about the Book of Mormon. At the beginning of the lesson she didn't want to read it cause it wasn't the Bible, but at the end she was willing to read it to know if it's true.
     We've had a hard time meeting with our investigators. No appointments are sticking and everyone is always busy. We will not give up! As we work as hard as we can as missionaries, the Lord will give the results.
     We watched a dog get hit by a truck (he is okay) during a lesson!!! It was unreal and scary and hilarious at the same time! I know, I'm sick and twisted forgive me...We just looked out into the road and SMACK! Te dog is the neighborhood menace so the family we were meeting with was cheering and celebrating until they found the dog was okay. Haha it was great!
     General Conference is so soon! I have the Hinckling it will be on mostly missionary work with lots of warning of the disgusting world around us and separating from it. Those two main topics. We shall see when we see though!
     My understanding on how to help peoples understanding has been grown thanks to PKB yesterday at church. We spent the whole hour of Gospel principles on one paragraph in the book about the parent's responsibility to be God's partners in His Plan of Salvation.(Gospel principles book, chapter 36 I think) It opened my eyes to the depth you have to go into something to make it simple but very applicable. I'm already getting dad training!!!