07 December 2015

Wow I'm bad at this...blog thing...

     Okay this week did not have a lot of crazy stuff happen. The missionary work is as follows. Ashawna is our main investigator, and she is PREPARED. She is super smart and is college-ing to be an accountant. She is soaking up the gospel and says it all fits together. She has studied a lot about God and this is making sense. we are shooting for the 19th of December for her baptism!Throughout the week, we had 6 lessons, one Recent convert lesson, found 2 potentials, and I got sick again.
     I made Thanksgiving Stuffing flavored fried chicken to make up for the missed holiday and am super excited to get my Christmas package!
     My package home made it safe and sound and my family got some souvenirs made by real Rastas from the real Bush! They loved the Jamaican snack smorgasbord I stuffed in there as well! I'm glad they sent me pictures, and seeing them with the things I had a week ago made me feel a lot closer than I really am. This transfer has flown by and I haven't really gotten used to where everything is in the area, and Elder Porter thinks he is leaving this transfer. I DON'T WANT HIM TO GO!!! We were twins in the Pre-earth life we're sure of it.
     SHOUTOUT TO THE LOVELANDS: Thanks so much for the random butter toffee box, it was soo good! The support I'm getting from you is incredible and I'm grateful for the thoughtfulness. Blessings are flowing your way if not already!