21 December 2015

WOW (i.e. Word of Wisdom)

So I've been bad at keeping this blog for a few weeks... But I'm spending time this week and putting down a lot of what has happened. Here we go! *cracks knuckles*

     On Saturday last Elder Porter and I got a baptism! Ashawna is now a confirmed member of The TRUE CHURCH!!! I'm so joyful because she is truly converted. Two other sisters joined our congregation yesterday when they all got confirmed by Elder Stolp (popular guy! :O  ) I'm blown away because they have all been teaching Gospel Principles class for weeks on end! Even before they were members!
     Our house is so much fun! We are always laughing and having fun, making jokes and talking about guy stuff (no, Hails, not like that! :)  ) and being weird! I realized taht I am creeping up on a year mark out here...not cool!!! But I am so ecxited to be Sealed to Hailey soon. It is my dream and she is the one for me. Thank you Hailey for getitng me out on my mission so I could grow so much. Elder martin is the new elder in the house, from Blackfoot, ID, my home STATE!!! He is a solid straight-up potatoe farmer. Yeah! Haha he is so cool. I'm loving the mission and my testimony is growing so much. I am having a great spiritual time even though sometimes I want to go home or I get discouraged and don't want to work. It comes with the work and the thought of what is in store in the future is what keeps me going! (FP & CPB :)  ) We all got gym memberships and are going to be working out every morning at 5 am !!! It is invigorating and I love it so far. Elder Martin is our P.T. and showing us how to bulk up quick! He is so chill. But as the title suggests, living the wow makes a BIG difference in how the work goes. I have the spirit a lot more when I'm feeling more healthy and such. I love this feeling, so I'll keep going.
     So I am super stoked for Christmas and cannot wait to skype my fam, I miss them a bunch. I'll stock up on Kleenex! I'll try to upload pictures, if they show up then it worked: