04 January 2016

The Importance of Members

We found a cool new lesson plan to share with our members to help ease them in and invite them into the work to do their part in growing the Kingdom. If you read Alma 8-10 in the light that Alma is the missionaries and Amulek is the members, you'll be able to get the idea of the lesson. It has helped the members here to feel the HG and want/desire to help us do this great work. We doubled our teaching pool in two days of seeing a few member families. Hopefully we see those who we have now progess toward the waters of baptism and the temple. The last week was slow aside from that, so many people in country for the holiday. We will see if it picks up this week.Much love from Jamrock and all yuh likkle pickney nuh mash up di place yannastan mi mah bruddah yaziwahmi-azey?