18 January 2016

Livin' in Jamaica

Okay so tons of random pictures today this week!!! :) Not a whole lot went on this week but there are a few highlights.
     We met a FAMILY OF "G's" (A G is a cool person. i.e. "Dude, your dad is a G!") but anyway, Makissa and her two kids are super elect, and are very prepared to accept this gospel. They came to church without invitation and want to be baptized. Her son wants to serve a mission already (only a few likkle years an come)! They love to learn and Makissa is asking questions like "who is God talking to when he says 'Let US make man in OUR image' Who is US and OUR?" She is ready for the temple! lol
     I have started to see the results from gym effort!!! Now sadly my bicep in that picture is fake, I'm pushing it up (HAHA cheating!) but I'm set on getting that big!
     I have perfected my ackee and saltfish. It tastes soooo good and its so sad that I won't have ackee super available in the states... :( Don't worry mom and dad, all dem yaadies make me know how fi cook it right. :)
     There is a picture of my district all wearing green, we coordinate for Sundays now! Super fun and way easy! If you look closely you can see my "Polar Bear" edition of the Book of Mormon! Thank you so much Hails! I love it.
     I also have a picture of stew peas and rice down there somewhere. The Parks are a lovely old couple that, out of gratitude for all missionaries everywhere, feed us every other Sunday after church! They are so nice and it is such a tender mercy to us after church. We thank them profusely each tie and make sure they are okay. I can never forget the Parks, they have made it into my heart (through my stomach!).
     I have learned a lot of gospel stuffs, mostly personal this week. My new focus is to never drop off my studies from this amount of intensity again. If I do, I want to get back to diligent study ASAP. I get so much more out of life and the scriptures when I study that diligently.