10 August 2015

A Lot of Nothing and a Little of Something

Well, this week was full of empty finding, dropped appointments, and ignored phone calls, but Saturday made up for it! Here's the day:

     We woke up and went straight to the church for Sandy's baptism. We went to the beach and it was super cool to see someone make the covenant of baptism when I've learned so much more about it from being out here.

     Then we went up to our house, showered, had an hour or so of walking up Breadnut Hill and found a new road. We followed it up and up and up and down and way down and way up again and got to a place called Paradise. It was gorgeous from up there! We will be biking the mountain road again today for fun! We walked the first time.

After that we rendered more service on the building of the Life Tabernacle church!
Our ginnup haul of the week! Over three dozen each! 
 Used the Crock Pot to cook us some chili and Elder Gardner cooked Navajo fry bread. We ate wayyyy too much of this!
 Glamour shot
 And my record breaking (for now) mega peanut butter cream biscuit tower! This one has 22 layers.
    Transfer calls came! 
     I'm waiting on a call (training a newbie) and staying in Ochi and my companion is going to be zone leader in Spanish Town by Kingston. I'm way excited that I don't have to be district leader on top of it all!!! We get a new sister in Ochi from Africa I hear she is crazy. Haha! I should do okay training I hope. He'd better have a lot of long-suffering already under his belt.

     The rest of the work isn't going very fast, but we have a group of potential investigators to re-contact and set up appointments with. Hopefully we get some people to start progressing. They are out there but we just need to find them, they'll do the rest with our guidance. I know this church is true and the basics of church prayer and scripture study are vital to our testimonies staying strong and not becoming a sandy foundation.