03 August 2015

Seperate Ways???

     Transfers are next Wednesday and everything is up in the air for Ochi. I could be training, the new ward clerk and the district leader all at once and be leading my area too... Elder Garnder might be leaving and its the sisters' last transfer so we have no idea how it could go. A bunch of zone leaders are dying and an Assistant to the President is dying(dying means going home by the way). I guess we will see.
    This week was slow. The only cool thing that I remember is that we helped an investigator's brother saw some boards with a makeshift table saw: a reciprocating saw nailed in place upside down under the table with the blade sticking through the wooden workbench. Yikes!
     Sorry this week was short I'll see what I can do next week if I remember more.

Here's a picture of the Francis family and Brother Jones (the black one(thats a joke here))!