24 August 2015

Cue the tumbleweed!

     Ocho Rios is going to be great soon. Yes we have a presidency, but in time we will have a branch. We are going to be working with President Francis and the auxiliaries to bring all of those lost sheep back into the fold. We will create lasting friendships between the members we have, then move to adding in less-active and inactive members to these groups until everyone is one big group. Our focus is to have a branch run the way it is supposed to. People will learn how to love each other and how to fellowship new converts. Home teaching and Visiting teaching are going to be solid and reliable. We need a branch to bring people to and there are already so many connections in the church that we can use for referrals to teach more members. I'm very excited for the work I see happening in Ochi soon and want to let you all be aware of the hard work that our Branch President is doing. He is truly devoting his time talents and energy to build our branch.

     Our generic missionary work has been dry this week. No finding new people, we have about ten in our pool right now, and a few of them are going to be a long-loving effort, not a teach-and-dunk type (I hope that doesn't sound bad, I mean it in the best way possible!!!). But we have a vision and are going to begin an exhaustive effort to build this branch. Lots and lots (tons) of less active work, home teaching, visiting teaching and begging members for referrals. We are working with the auxilaries right now to find five members each that they are going to work with to bring back and love into the fold of God once more.

Here's a super cool plastic looking jungle tree we found while finding in Content Garden.

And my companion, Elder Trinnaman! He is sooo cool! He loves Disney, anything Disney, you name it.
OH YEAH! Did you see my cheeks growing? I'm getting fat!!!eeEEEEeEeEeEEEeEP! I've gained thickness around my wait and thighs, thanks Ochi hills, and upper body muscles form all the service. Mixing cement and machete stuff builds you up! I now weigh 165 pounds as ooposed to my 145 pounds out of the MTC. Im tailoring my pants now, and getting some larger sizes. My shoes are good though. :)