27 July 2015

Another one bites the dust

     So last Monday we visited abandoned Ochi in a resort thing (looks like it went bankrupt or something). It was cool and the sisters went with us. It was a major creep level ten and we had some good scares too!

     Okay. I'm going to be positive about this week. This week was good. We didn't get very many lessons and a lot of investigators fell through, but in the end, as missionaries, we can't control what our investigators do, and as long as we do evertyhing we can to invite others to come unto Christ, we have done a good job. Like PMG says, no effort is wasted. Gotta keep moving forward or you don't go anywhere!

 A "harmless" banana spider. This one doesn't have a banana for scale, but is about four or five inches in diameter.
This is a sweetsop. It looks like a bunch of squidward-noses got together for a hulk costume party. It isn't as good as a soursop, which is bigger and a bit more flavorful and juicy. To eat it you break it open and eat the flesh around the seeds.