20 July 2015

Rain keeps falling on my head!

     Have I got some pictures for you this week! So we found an investigator at the grocery store last week and it turns out he lives up up up in New Hope. We ended up going way too far up and spent an extra half hour hiking up past his house... We got some amazing views of the entire city of Ochi though!
We went left and it only got steeper and rougher for 30 minutes straight...
 Ochi from New Hope (elevation 8,000 feet above sea level)
Ochi from Limebottom (closer to my house, elevation 2,000 "fasl")

     Here is my first update on cool fruit! This is ginnup. It's a paintball-like outside, with a sweet, mucous-y inside that you suck on until the pit is all that's left.Super good and Elder Gardner and I found a tree and ransacked it for a few dozen!
 Off the tree
 Cracked open
Eaten :)

     Yeah this week we did more service cutting down trees with our machetes, and we were hanging from the trees to be able to swing at the parts we needed to get off. We stayed safe don't worry! It was raining the whole time and the cool wet feels so much better than the hot wet! Yeah its always wet here. I'll choose cold wet any day. A Jamaican yelled at my comp. and I for picking ginnup another time and we thought nothing of it cause it was because we were white. Whatev's. I know how it feels to be a minority now. :P
     Update on Sandy, our one investigator right now! We watched the Restoration video (2002 version hour long, watch it if you haven't!) to familiarize her with Joseph Smith. After the video she said this: "Now I know he is a true prophet. He did the miracles of Christ and he did do all those things. So about my baptism: when and where will it be and what else do I need to do to be ready for it?" WHAT?!?!!? She is so ready to be baptized and that will be the first of August.
     Today we are going to an abandoned hotel resort thing up in Shaw Park it's at the end of a really nice tourist house district and looked way creepy when we found it two days ago. So those pics will be up next week. I'm loving the work and I know this church is true. My testimony grows every day!