13 July 2015

Grease lightning, GO grease lightning!

     This week was long. Sandy is doing well, getting ready for baptism and trying to make it to church on time. She is showing a real effort. We got new fans at the house and i finally have one that works well! I froze last night a few times cause the fan actually worked! Hallelujah! We got hit by lightning Saturday night and it was LOUD! Less than 100 yards away from our house. We were planning for the next day and it shook the house and scared the crap out of both of us. Yesterday (Sunday) it rained for two or three hours of church and was so loud I couldn't hear the lessons (tin roofing)!
     My companion and I made mango freezer jam and couldn't find pectin so we used lime jello instead! It turned out really good but looked like puke! We also did more service at the Life Tabernacle Pentecostal church in Great Pond and I took pictures this time!
Elder Gardner mixing mango jello jam
 Finished mango jello puky freezer jam
 These are pics of Sandy's backyard after we decimated it with our Machetes!
 The clear space is where there was bush just as thick as the stuff you see in the back
The finished project!