01 June 2015

First pictures and some cool stuff

 This is next to my area this is Mansfield Heights. The road you see is a downward 30 degree angle and out to the left is the bush. People build concrete houses in the bush and live in the bush. There are hundreds of people here, sprinkled in between the trees and such. It's a close feeling but poverty is obvious.
 This is a Book of Mormon we gave to a contact named Trevor. He seemed really interested and we knew he could use the Gospel. He wanted a copy of the book so we committed him to read. He is on vacation for a week and here's where he left the book. Right where we met him in front of his house. A few days had passed and it rained a few times. Bugs were also feasting upon the words of Christ.
This is Rohan!!! He loves going out with us to teach and his conversion story is cool too. He's such a sweet soul and I love how much he has taught me about the gospel and Jamaica. His patois is medium to medium heavy, and gets worse when he talks to other Jamaicans.