29 June 2015

Take a Sick Week, Boss.

     What a week! As I got home from my p-day last week, I felt it: I was going to be sick. But I didn't expect it to be most of this week. So to sum my week up, I got sick, had runny belly and a high fever with a sinus headache. On Wednesday we had district meeting in Port Antonio (2 hour drive) and I don't know how I made it there and back. It was awful! We finally went out Friday I think it was. We had one lesson this week and nothing cool happened aside from Sister Luelen calling us Friday morning begging us to come over quickly to save some of her puppies that fell down a small hole.
     Turns out the hole was a small opening in the ground, but was seven and a half feet deep, and opened up into a cavern underground. We tied a cloth to a stick and ended up hoisting the puppies out of the hole one by one. One of them got bit by another dog and died the next day.

The pole and the cavern were four feet deeper than me! (10 feet deep)