15 June 2015

Flour for everyone!

     This week's missionary work was exhausting but the week went fast anyway. We saw a lot less people and taught very few lessons because everyone is so "busy". It's frustrating sometimes when we have this amazing message and nobody even bats an eye at it. They just don't seem to care... We'll get 'em though!

     Tracy's birthday was a few days ago and we floured her and her family then ate cheesecake and cake! That's Sister Barlow on the left, she is from Idaho too! I'm figuring out some good food recipes! I'm working on balancing my budget to have enough food and money at the end of the month, and we'll see how it goes! Jay's baptism fell through when he got offended during the baptismal interview the day before. We're gonna keep working with him hopefully to get him in water by the end of the month. He is so close but needs to learn some more. Sorry for the short post but not much happened this week that was real noteworthy. Our investigators are in a state of rest I can say. We hope they will start acting soon.