08 June 2015

Corn Rows?!

     Oh BOY! This last week was crazy! It went super fast and we got a ton of missionary work done. I went on my first trade-off and it went badly in the sense that none of our appointments were aware that they were appointments and they all fell through. In the light I got to talk a lot with Elder Zeck from Canada. He's a cool guy and really nice. He's one of the two zone leaders and they spent a few nights at our Ochi house. I kind of want a four Elder house, it seems a lot more fun. I like only doing my own dishes though and its nice cause our house is clean most of the time. We hit a record of five investigators at church yesterday and have a lot of almost progressings! The work will speed up soon I can feel it!

Anyway here's last weeks promise, me with corn rows!

 And Here is my District and Zone leaders! From left to right, Elder Jernigan(redhead and zl), Elder Muirhead (black), Elder Zeck(way in back and Canadian and zl), Sister Barlow(pink in front), Sister Mashabella(Front and center!), Sister Penaydo(shrugging on right), Elder Gardner(my companion to my right), and Elder Evans(back right).