26 May 2015

Ochi here I come!

    HEY WAGWAN! (what's going on?!) I think I'm finally careening into a normal schedule now. Today is p-day because of the holiday yesterday. But I've settled in to the little apartment with Elder Gardner, my trainer and companion. He's cool. Ochi is on the north coast and a bit to the right from the center. The people are mostly warm and friendly, but we have been yelled at a few times. I don't have a camera cord yet so pictures will come later. I've already had the chance to chop bush with a machete for service and climb up onto a tin roof to chop a tree as I balanced off the corner of a wobbly roof! lol It wasn't that bad, I was safe. I have met with some awesome people already like Bobby, who is a rasta and a member, but needs to let go of the rasta ways before he can get the Melchezidek priesthood. Rohan and Tracy and their family of Jovani, Raheem, Jaleem, and Quiania (kiki), are my favorite. they live around the corner from us and Rohan goes to teach with us a lot. He is super cool.

     The island is tropical and beautiful and hot. I'm always sweating through every pore on my body. But I'm getting used to it slowly, the weather that is. I don't think I'll ever get used to being sticky and sweaty all day. Being in a house with only my companion has perks, and downfalls. I get lots of quiet time and the dishes don't pile up, but I'm lonely at times. I liked the support of more people at the mtc. Lots of the aspects of missionary work are awesome and I see the blessings already, but it isn't easy. It may take me a while to find my own little rut when it comes to what food to buy and how much, and time management where it's important.

This is Pimento Walk. Notice how the houses are built everywhere all along the mountainside. Probably a hundred if not more houses in this picture. (from July 10th, 2015)