18 May 2015

MTC I will miss you!

     Oh man. This past two weeks has been crazy. No time for yourself. The food is good, not amazing, it was definitely talked up like Elder Yoder said in his emails. My teachers were Brother Alan Hanson and Sister Elise Millward. Both were amazing and gave us a real leg up for our missions.
     The first three days were the craziest. We were corralled around the campus like lambs to the slaughter as we got our info and keys and more info and dorms and classrooms and even more info. But yeah we were all overwhelmed and didn't know what to think. My missionary companion is Elder Johnson and my other district guys are Elder Lybbert and Elder Poe. We are all super close now by the end of our time here. Elder Lybbert was the only guy in our district going to Hawaii instead of Jamaica. He left this morning with three of the sisters in our district and the rest of us head out tomorrow morning.
     I'm super excited but nervous. I don't have a bunch of time to post pictures but I'll get that if I can soon. Bye!